Actually pausing for breath.  Over the last couple of weeks we have been instructed to sell:
19 villas in Italy
139 apartments in Malaysia
6 villas in Dubai
1 chateau in France
43 apartments in the Dominican Republic.

Coming soon
Land in Malaysia
Land in Austria
Land in Sicily




10/03/2017 3:31pm

thank you

10/03/2017 6:39pm

What a challenging work! You know, the last kind of work I wanted to enter is the real state world. I'm a business graduate, but salesmanship is my weakest skill. Selling properties require good communication skills and prowess to meet new people and convince them that your brand is better than the others. I have tried working on this kind of job before, after a year, I resigned because I'm not making any sale and I felt bad about myself. Can you give me some tips?

02/06/2017 6:58pm

This is nice post which I was awaiting for such an article and I have gained some useful information.


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