This is a beautiful chateau that offers a very child friendly experience including two heated swimming pools and 5 gites.  Reduced in price to Euro: 964,000.



29/03/2017 9:32pm

I've been searching for a perfect chateau where I can bring my child there and let them have fun! By the way, can you post more photos of this place? I'm interested going here. I believe that my family will have a perfect leisure time here. They'll definitely enjoy the pools here! I'll be waiting for more of your photos!


Wow! This place is perfect for our family vacation. We're planning to have a family vacation this year and I consider that place. Thank you for sharing this information to us. 964,000 Euro is still a big amount so I'm going to save money in order to experience that beautiful chateau. I'm sure my family will enjoy that place.

15/05/2017 2:40pm

What a lovely view that villa is giving.

17/05/2017 2:23pm

Great sharing.

22/05/2017 2:48pm

Nice sharing.


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