This is a stunning 6 bedroom villa near the town of Tropea.  Complete with sea views this villa comes to the market for Euro; 2,200,000



31/03/2017 12:37am

Very beautiful villa , am very impressed to see it . The location of this villa is ideal and details about its accommodation are also very impressive . Thanks for keeping us well informed about the market value of property through blogs .

12/04/2017 4:58pm

We also have a villa near Tropea, Italy. I am glad that I saw this because my brother in law is looking for villa too. I am sure he is going to love this because it is also neat in Tropea and it is closer to us. The price is perfect for the villa. We are going to get hold of you as soon as possible I am going to tell this to him. I'll return your message as soon as possible

15/05/2017 2:43pm

Such a beautiful place, would love to live there.

15/05/2017 4:36pm

Being there would be a adorable experience.

17/05/2017 2:24pm

Thanks for posting.

22/05/2017 2:48pm

Nice sharing.


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