In the heart of the Bentong Hills, Malaysia is this amazing Durian plantation and organic fish pond. RM 34,000,000.



17/03/2017 7:09pm

My friend's business needs a durian supplier. Since I know he would afford having his own plantation, maybe I can refer it to him. His business is dried chips exported to different countries around the area. Durian ships is really on demand, I think it is now time for him to consider having his own plantation. I will update you!


I like this fruit very much. I have seen many Americans that goes to our neighborhood and they vomit because of it smell. They say it smell nasty, but really it tastes quite tasty. I let my friend eat it and she became so addicted to it. I even make Duran ice cream, smoothies, pudding. Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope you have a nice day!


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11/04/2017 5:44pm

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15/05/2017 2:39pm

They are adorable and look like rare desert plants.

17/05/2017 2:23pm

Keep sharing and posting such a nice information.

22/05/2017 2:47pm

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